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SMB-T125 Scrap Metal Baler ( Bale Side Out)


Top Loading ( Loading with grab bucket or Steel Conveyor)
No installion demands,operating the baler directly
With control platform on the baler,convenient for operating
Three rams pressing the scrap metals.

 Automated bale ejector, the bale pushed out from the side.
 With cooler and hotter ( For special temperature environment)

Hydraulic Oil is ISO 46 

Model  SMB-T125
 Balel Weight  65-80Kgs
 Bale Size (W×H)  300×300mm
 Press Force  125Tons
 Size of compress room  1200×700×600mm
 Motor Power  15Kw
 Production Efficiency  1.8Tons Per Hour
 Bale Out Way  Pushed Out From Side
 Quantity Of Pressing Ram  3

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